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A First Class Honours degree at Ravensbourne College, Kent, in Fashion and Textiles enabled Shane to study for an MA in Menswear Design at The Royal College of Art in Kensington, London.

As a fashion designer, Shane has travelled the world, including Hong Kong, America, Italy, France, South Africa and London, working with designers such as Harvey Nichols, Daniel Hechter, Louis Vuitton, Guicci, Ferrari and Nike. Wherever Shane has visited he has combined his love of painting with his designing, exhibiting in galleries in Paris, San Francisco and London.

Currently exhibiting at the Terence Macklin Gallery, he is inspired by his first love of the horizon line from where all light emanates at daybreak. His paintings are filled with temperature and force with a flair for the dramatic and untamed, working often on abstract thinking and then changing onto a romantic project, keeping him authentically present in nature as a romantic and yet retaining a contemporary expression.




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